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Since 2018, it’s been amazing working with awesome brands from all over, like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Estonia, and the USA. I’ve helped them shine online and get great results. I’ve done all sorts of things like making sure they’re found easily on search engines (SEO), creating ads that grab attention on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok, and making sure local businesses get noticed with Google My Business.

I’m all about helping these brands grow and do really well in the online world. We’ve worked together to make some fantastic things happen, building strong brands and becoming leaders in their markets.

Brands - Dot IT

Dot IT is a full-service digital marketing agency with offices in Egypt, the USA, and Estonia.

Brands - TTM

TTM Associates is a global consulting firm that humanizes the digital experience in culture, talent, and learning.

Brands - AIS School

American international School in Egypt is a holistic and challenging American and international educational program founded on the pillars of academic excellence, happiness, innovation, international mindedness, balance, community leadership, and cultural respect.

Brands - QTS

QTS is a software and digital marketing agency based in Egypt, offering its services to clients in both the USA and the Middle East.

Brands - abc

ABC is the leading company in retail display fixtures in Egypt for more than two decades.

Brands - MES

Middle East Security is a leading risk management enterprise based in Egypt and the UAE, established in 2009 by a team of highly experienced professionals, including former military and police officers, security specialists, lawyers, and administrators.

Alkhaleej Training and Education was launched in 1993 and is now ranked as the top public company in Saudi Arabia. With over 80 centers, four active communication service centers, and a network of international schools and kindergartens, we also manage and operate preparatory programs in several Saudi universities.

Brands - TOLS

TOLS is a coffee shop with two branches in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Brands - Easy Lease

Easy Lease for financial leasing, is part of El Sewedy Group, inaugurated with the aim to provide easy and innovative financial solutions that reinforce clients operational and financial performance.

Brands - Aventa

AVENTA Laboratory is a British Research and Development Company. specialized in developing aesthetic products. Modify, boost & produce the most advanced aesthetic brands in the market, to provide high quality and easy to use outcome.

Abeet is the first source specialized in the cocoa industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Brands - SHI

SLI is an Institute in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for Females only

Brands - Rey Roaster

Rey is a cafe and roastery located in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

TIF is a digital marketing and project management company based in Saudi Arabia.

Brands - Natus

Natus is an e-commerce website that sells natural skincare products based in Saudi Arabia.

Royal House Language School is located in Egypt, where the first family members began their learning journey in 2003. Since then, the Royal House family has grown to include 3,000 loving and thriving youngsters.

Brands - Activ jel

Activ Jel is an e-commerce website that has been established since 1980. It has expanded across Egypt and become one of the largest retail clothing brands in the country