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How Coffee Shop Increased Reservations and Profile Interactions with Local SEO

Local SEO Case Study

Coffee Shop is a small business that has been serving the local community for years. Despite having a loyal customer base, the coffee shop struggled to attract new customers and increase reservations. The owners were determined to use Local SEO to improve their online presence and attract more foot traffic.

Challenges Faced

Before embracing Local SEO, Brew Haven faced several challenges:

  • Struggling to stand out in a crowded coffee shop market.
  • A lack of visibility on Google Maps and local search results.
  • Difficulty in conveying the uniqueness of their coffee shop and special promotions to potential customers.

Strategies Implemented

To overcome these challenges, Brew Haven employed a multifaceted Local SEO strategy:

  • Short Publications: They started sharing regular, concise posts on their Google My Business profile to highlight events, discounts, and new products. These posts also included important search terms.
  • High-Quality Real Photos: Brew Haven posted authentic, high-quality photos of their coffee, interior, and customers enjoying their products, enhancing their profile’s appeal.
  • CTAs and Executable Addresses: By including links, buttons, and executable addresses in their posts, Brew Haven made it easy for potential customers to access their website, products, or book a table.
  • Regular and Continuous Posting: Consistency was key. Brew Haven ensured they posted regularly and aligned their content with international days, celebrations, and achievements.

Results Achieved

Brew Haven’s commitment to Local SEO reaped significant benefits:

  • Business Profile Interactions Increased by +192%: Brew Haven’s interactions skyrocketed, reaching 18,209, as customers engaged with their posts and special offers.
  • People Viewed the Business Profile by +98.7%: Their profile views surged to 47,307, making Brew Haven a top choice for coffee lovers in the area.
  • Searches Showed the Business Profile in Search Results by +137%: Brew Haven appeared in search results 37,721 times, making it easier for potential customers to discover their coffee shop.
Local SEO case study
Local SEO case study

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